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Ozzie Guillen Suspension Exposes Phony Notion of “Latino Community”

Early Tuesday, Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen was suspended 5 games after telling Time magazine, “I love Fidel Castro.” This statement, apparently, was not very appreciated within the Cuban community of South Florida, which immediately called for his resignation.

During his press conference, Guillen, who is Venezuelan, apologized by saying, “I feel as though I have betrayed the Latino people.” If anything, this incident illustrates how, in fact, the notion of a “Latino people” or community is at the very least horribly inaccurate.

For Mexicans, Cuba is a sister-country; its history and people closely tied to our own struggle against the imperialist Yankees.

Seeing Guillen bow in such an undignified manner (see video below) is a sad reminder of how conservative forces, primarily Cuban and Puerto Rican, have hijacked any shred of commonality amongst people from Spanish-speaking countries to serve the interests of the ultra-right in the United States.

Let it be said that Think Mexican loves Cuba and its people for their culture and revolutionary spirit. Despite a crippling U.S. embargo, Cuba leads advances in education, medicine, the arts, and is often the first to lend its doctors and nurses to neighboring countries in times of need.

This is to be commended.

¡Que Viva Cuba!
¡Que Viva El Pueblo Cubano! y
¡Que Viva Castro!

Ozzie Guillen Press Conference: