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UNAM Prof.: Mayan Murals Say Calendar Cycle Ended June 5 With Venus Transit

Astronomy professor Jesús Galindo Trejo of Mexico’s UNAM University says June 5 Venus transit marked end of Mayan calendar cycle

UNAM professor believes the Mayan calendar 13th Baktún cycle ended June 5 with the transit of Venus, not December 21, the date many others have reported.

In a report titled “Mayan knowledge anticipated transit of Venus, not end of world,” astronomer Jesús Galindo Trejo uses as his basis solar symbols found within the Mayapan murals in the state of Yucatán, near the city of Mérida. Based on his research, the professor believes the Maya recorded previous Venus transits. In fact, he has calculated the exact dates recorded on the murals: November 30, 1153 and June 1, 1275.

“They meticulously registered the seasons of appearance and disappearance of Venus in its movement around the sun, seen from the Earth,” Prof. Galindo Trejo wrote in an academic paper.

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