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Petition Calls on UT Austin President Not to Hire Calderón

"Calderón is responsible for the deaths of thousands of children, don’t let him teach in the U.S.," says Angélica Ortíz Garza of Indio, CA, who posted this petition on the popular social advocacy website on September 22.

The petition calls on UT Austin President William Powers Jr. not to hire Felipe Calderón, citing a February 2011 UN Committee on the Rights of the Child report, which expressed a “great concern at the high number of child victims … as a result of the fight of the [Mexican] army against organized crime.”

At the time, 1,000 children were believed to have been killed in Felipe Calderón’s drug war offensive. A later report estimated 1,300. Many believe more 2,000 children will have been killed in this drug war by the end of Calderón’s term.

The petition also makes reference to Calderón’s calling of drug war victims "collateral damage," and the criminalizing of their families’ by suggesting almost all of the estimated 80,000 dead were criminals.

In early August, the Dallas Morning News reported Felipe Calderón was in talks with the University of Texas at Austin to possibly teach this coming fall. Stanford, Harvard, and Georgetown were reportedly also on the list.

Rumors that Calderón was bidding for a job at the UN or at a US university have long been held. Included were reports of Margarita Zavala home-buying in the States. In March, we wrote about Calderón’s plans to leave Mexico once out of office over fears of lawsuits and assassination.

Members of YoSoy132, Morena, and other organizations in Austin say they’re ready to organize more protests like the one they had for Alejandro Poiré, Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior, on September 21.

You can sign the petition HERE.

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