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Did You Stop Me Because I’m Mexican?

Police in Phoenix are put to the test when reporters from Univision go undercover to see whether or not Arizona’s SB 1070 discriminates against drivers based on physical appearance.

Although this video does not show if police used SB 1070’s “reasonable suspicion” provision to enquire about the driver’s residency status, it does appear to answer the reporter’s initial question.

The answer was yes. The program’s producer was stopped and it appeared to be based not a traffic violation, but on some other determining factor, possibly the driver’s ethnicity.

As Sal Reza of Tonatierra comments, SB 1070 is creating “apartheid-like” conditions in Arizona, one where laws and statutes are written specifically to criminalize a certain group of people. As in South Africa, the group targeted by the white controlled state are the natives.

"We are not criminals, we are not illegals; we are workers, Indigenous peoples," goes the chant sung by children being raised in Arizona.

These children may not fully understand this song, but one day they will. And when they do, they’ll realize that just by singing they won a major battle against those who sought to break their spirit.

For more information on supporting families resisting SB 1070, visit Tonatierra.