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Márquez: ‘This Win Is for the New President of Mexico’

Juan Manuel Márquez knocks out Pacquiao in the sixth round, dedicates fight to EPN; firestorm of criticism is unleashed

Juan Manuel Márquez delivered a devastating right hand in the last second of the sixth round to knock out his arch-rival, Filipino Manny Pacquiao.

Márquez avenges the two losses and a draw from their three previous fights, which many in the boxing world considered an inaccurate record of this matchup.

Pacquiao attributed his loss to being “overconfident,” but at the end, it was the experience and savviness of Márquez and his trainer, Nacho Beristáin, that finally gave Márquez a definitive win.

Although a great fight, it’s what happened after that had many talking.

In what seemed to be a follow up to the controversial PRI patch worn on his boxing trunks during his last matchup with Pacquiao, Márquez dedicated his win to Enrique Peña Nieto.

"This win is for my family, all of Mexico … and this win is for the new president of Mexico. It’s dedicated to him," said Márquez, referring to the highly polarizing and newly inaugurated Peña Nieto.

The post-fight interview was aired on TV Azteca’s national broadcast of the fight, which meant that millions saw it live.

Soon after, the hashtag #ChingaTuMadreMarquez, (#FuckYourMotherMarquez), quickly became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. On Facebook, the posts and comments criticizing Márquez blew up as well.

Some defended Márquez, saying it’s a matter of free speech; others suggested athletes should stay out of politics.

Regardless, the issue is problematic considering past PRI presidents have used athletes, specifically boxers to promote them and their party, as was the case with Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Julio César Chávez.

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Image Credit: Ring Magazine