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‘El Chapo’ Guzmán: Sinaloa Cartel Boss Richer & More Powerful Than Ever

Award-winning author and journalist Anabel Hernández writes in the current issue of Proceso that El Chapo Guzmán is “more powerful than ever.” She’s right.

“El Chapo seeks not only to maintain his domination, but also expand his domain and finish off his rivals in the coming months, according to a paper by researchers,” reports Hernández.

The Sinaloa capo has “modified his organization and redefined its strategy to maintain its power, expand territory and gain protection from the new PRI government,” according to the government report cited by Hernández.

Guzmán is said to control 20 of Mexico’s 32 states, is still one of the world’s richest (keep snorting cocaine, gringos), and everyone from Jack Riley of the DEA to Gucci Mane is using his name to stay relevant, which only makes the “El Chapo” brand that much more powerful — and profitable.

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