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‘Last Supper of Chicano Heroes’ by José Antonio Burciaga

Caza Zapata Dining Hall
Stanford University
Palo Alto, California

Poet, writer and painter José Antonio Burciaga was a residential fellow at Stanford’s Chicano-themed dorm Casa Zapata when he began painting murals on its walls reflecting the Mexican American experience.

“As part of the movement that came out of the civil rights movement, there was this whole artistic component that was all about forging a Mexican American identity,” Casa Zapata alum Chris González Clarke told the Stanford Daily.

Burciaga’s now famous mural was the result of a survey that asked students and community members to list the 13 most important figures in the Mexican community.

Along with the well known faces of Zapata, Juárez and Kahlo are those of local freedom fighters Joaquín Murrieta and Tiburcio Vásquez. Also included are the faces of some of Casa Zapata’s dining hall staff. A fitting tribute to “all those who died, scrubbed floors, wept and fought for us.”

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