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Rick Perry LOVES Peña Nieto

Texas governor Rick Perry said in a recent interview that Peña Nieto’s proposed energy reform would create so many jobs that it would lead to a mass migration of Mexican workers… back to Mexico!

“You’ll have a mass migration of those that came here to work who will go back into Mexico and pursue those jobs,” Perry was quoted as saying in the Dallas Morning News on Friday.

And by “those jobs,” Perry is referring to the supposed loads of employment and prosperity to be created once his oilmen friends are allowed to get their hands on Mexico’s oil.

Haven’t we heard these same lines from Perry and other Republicans pushing another big oil project — the Keystone Pipeline? Yes, we have. And weren’t the exorbitant claims that the pipeline would lead to tens of thousands of jobs already rebuffed by a US State Department report? Yes, they were!

Well, that hasn’t kept Perry and the folks at the DMN from hyping Mexico oil privatization. Read what Christy Hoppe writes on Peña Nieto and PEMEX:

If Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto succeeds in opening the country’s energy development to foreign investments, Perry believes it would create an economic surge, producing a massive array of new jobs.

The country’s oil is controlled by the state-owned energy monopoly Pemex. The Mexican constitution currently prohibits private investments in Pemex.

But if Pena Nieto is successful in lobbying for a change in the constitution and opening up the Mexico energy markets, it could change the immigration dynamic in the U.S., Perry believes.

If anything, PEMEX privatization will lead, like NAFTA, to mass emigration of Mexican workers unable to feed a family under the higher taxes Peña Nieto has already gotten passed Mexico’s Congress, which many experts say were needed to replace the oil revenue already earmarked for Perry’s buddies in Texas.

To suggest PEMEX privatization would lead to “an economic surge, producing a massive array of new jobs,” as the Dallas Morning News writes, is absurd. For those used to these Texas oilmen, it’s just another gimmick that we have heard many times before.

Let’s get one thing straight: Rick Perry and his oilmen cronies are not friends of Mexico. They’re greedy bloodsuckers who should stop meddling in Mexico’s affairs. But Peña Nieto and the PRI should also stop inviting them over.

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