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Pew Research Finds That Americans Are Haters

According to a new Pew Research survey, Mexico is one of the countries least liked by Americans.

“Currently, 39% view Mexico favorably while 52% have an unfavorable opinion; in 2007, the balance of opinion toward Mexico was positive (47% favorable, 37% unfavorable),” reports Pew.

Somehow, Mexico’s negatives are as low as they are for China and Russia. What explains such an unfavorable opinions from the people of the United States of its neighboring country, Mexico?

Mexico has long been the number one destination for American tourists traveling abroad with millions visiting Mexican beaches and cities for their warm weather an culture every year. “U.S. tourists to Mexico numbered over 20.3 million in 2012 making Mexico the top destination of U.S. travelers,” reports the U.S. State Department.

And as we’ve posted before, the right-wing “they’re taking our jobs!” mantra is simply not true. The reality is that Mexicans and others are doing the jobs most Americans are unwilling to do even when paid a lot more to do them. As one Arkansas grower put it, Americans “lack the physical stamina and the mental toughness to see the job through.”

Shouldn’t Americans be celebrating Mexico’s warm hospitality and the millions of Mexicans whose strong work ethic keeps the U.S. economy afloat?

It’s hard knowing exactly what fuels the United States’ dislike of Mexico. With Americans it seems that if it’s not one boogie man, it’s another. When they’re not talking about us, they’re busy with the Chinese and Muslims, which explains why China and Saudi Arabia were also disliked by those surveyed by Pew.

We’ll leave it to others to try to figure out hate-filled ’Muricans and their many boogie men theories. But here’s a tip: Don’t waste your time waiting for haters to fill their hearts with love. Love yourself.

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