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Time’s Peña Nieto ‘Saving Mexico’ Cover Sparks Confusion, Outrage

Mexicans respond mockingly to ridiculous Time Magazine cover story

Under the banner of “Saving Mexico,” Time Magazine has put Enrique Peña Nieto on the cover of its February 24 international edition.

Many who first saw the cover this morning responded with, “Is this a joke?” When people realized it wasn’t, it unleashed a backlash in Mexico and from Mexicans throughout the world toward Time and the cover story’s author, Michael Crowley.

“It’s the hot new emerging market. But can President Peña Nieto and his team of reformers really turn their country around?”, asks Time. The answer: not with Peña Nieto. And definitely not by further liberalizing Mexico’s natural resources.

The “Mexico Moment” meme is old and tired. Pushing Mexico as the “hot new emerging market” confirms what many predicted would happen with Peña Nieto’s privatization of PEMEX: The foreign press would shower EPN with accolades, create a bubble, cash in and then wait for the economic crisis to hit in order to buy even more of Mexico at a lower price.

The Mexican people, however, have lived through one too many Mexico Moments are now wise to this game. Here are some of the best “portadas verdaderas” that we’ve seen in response to Time’s cover.

The bottom image of the autodefensa grandmother holding a rifle is, we feel, the most accurate response of them all. Mexico’s people are saving themselves!

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