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Farewell, Gabo

Colombian Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez died at his Mexico City home on Thursday. He was 87.

García Márquez lived the majority of his adult life in Mexico after first moving there in 1961 while in political exile. It is said that he received the inspiration for his masterpiece, “100 Years of Solitude,” while driving to Acapulco in 1965.

Gabo, as he was affectionately known, lived a storied life, making friends with everyone from Fidel Castro to Bill Clinton. It was, in fact, his relationship with Castro that had him banned from entering the United States for more than thirty years.

Gabriel García Márquez’s remains were cremated in a private ceremony last night. A family spokesman said in a statement that an official memorial will be held at Mexico’s Palacio de Bellas Artes on April 21.